You Only Get One Body?

Let's spark up and ignite your sense of wonder and awe!  


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Your Inner Child is still inside of you and always will be.
She yearns for you to remember your essence, to play with her, to heal the next layer so the woman you are becoming has space to flourish and feel the LIFE, LOVE and LONGEVITY that is hers to embody. 

In 5 short weeks if you are willing to commit to her [which is you] and to embody the vibrations that will transform your life, let's connect.

Your inner child, your teenage self, and all the early versions of you before today, yearn for you to deepen your connection to her body and physicality so the woman you are becoming is authentically moving forward. It's time to step into new vibrations and resound the very essence of your authentic self. 

Play, Passion and Possibility is where your authentic self lives. The same place where the sensual pleasure of you as a woman comes alive, heals, glows and grows so beautifully!!!

I can't wait to meet you. I already know you because my own reproductive health and life with Endometriosis required me to heal so much of my own sensual and sexual trauma and as women, we all have imprints that has been suppressed for far to long. When we transform before our very eyes and are witnessed by others, our life truly becomes more and more magically.

Sending oodles of love, light and laughter until we meet.
Donna Henhoeffer