I am hereby declaring DECEMBER the GRATEFULNESS month-PART1

By Dr. Yasmilde

I am hereby declaring DECEMBER the GRATEFULNESS month. That is, as opposed to December being the shopping-craze, time-pressuring, blues-creating whirlwind most of us experience year after year.


Right at the beginning of the month, it came to me like a lightning stroke the need to look back to the things I have experienced internally and, in my life, since January 2022. And my mind was blown! In a great way 😄. And just in the coattail of every entry on the list running through my head, I could feel my heart expanding in gratefulness. And I felt like a giant!


The next step was a no-brainer: To invite every one of my clients (my energetic kids, really) to start a similar list exhaustively going through the aspects of healing and growth related to the FIVE ELEMENTALS we work with. I also encouraged them to explore internal changes (what had happened ‘in me’) and external ones (what changes they perceive in others and their circumstances linked to their internal ones). The resulting lists (still growing) have been impressive! Most of all to themselves. And not to brag, but I am so freeking PROUD!


The intention behind this is to go way beyond the classical list of ‘things to be grateful for’ that we are familiar with. There are so many juicy nuggets behind this practice! First, you exercise your self-awareness at higher levels. Why is that relevant, you say? Because that’s the door to two major aspects of healing and growing: acknowledging where you are at and celebrating YOU, no matter what; and becoming intentional about your own human-spiritual experience now here on Earth (we know there are other times and places 😉).


So, what do you say? Would you give it a try? And in the process make a conscious choice of improving your mood and exuding joy to those you will touch during the holidays? I heard a resounding YES!! So, here is some guidance to help you along:


  • Aim to become aware of at least four transformations (2 internal and 2 external) for each ELEMENTAL.
  • For the WATER elemental, is about exploring the ways in which you have (or not) become in touch with your emotions. Are you more aware of them? Opened to feeling them and learning from them? Any changes in the emotions you feel more often? Have any relationships been impacted differently?
  • For AIR, it’s all about the mind! Have you been more positive about something/someone? Have you started to be intentional about what you want to attract? Have you awakened at all to the power of your thoughts? Have any circumstances in your life changed as a result?
  • For the FIRE elemental, we would be visiting any changes in our sense of identity. How do you see/describe yourself differently? Have you discovered anything new about yourself? Has any of that impacted your life?
  • The EARTH elemental is all about our relationship with our BODY (I heard that judging thought of yours here!). Any loving and appreciative thoughts for the many amazing things in your physicality that allow you to experience life to the fullest? Did you make any progress on the way you drink, eat, exercise, talk to your body,…?
  • And last, but not least, the QUANTUM elemental. And that one is all about the way we experience connection. The way we see the world and our power (you do have it!) to create our three-dimensional reality. It is related to our relationship with our spirituality. So? Any changes there?

I know what you might say, that rather than this leading you to gratefulness it might lead you to tears or, at least, frustration. It is just a matter of perspective! Remember the ‘Glass half-full vs half-empty dichotomy? Here is the thing: You have the choice of which of the two attitudes to adopt. And if the result of this exercise happens to be that you realize some things need some changing, THAT REALIZATION ALONE IS A HUGE STEP FORWARD TO BE GRATEFUL FOR.


Chances are though, that you will notice positive changes you were not aware of. Small and beautiful things that make up for steps into becoming a better version of yourself. And I am trusting that is something you are interested in, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this!


And always, always remember that I can help if only you are willing to go the distance. And if you write just one of the transformations you notice in the chat, I promise to give you feedback.


Exciting things are coming to EQUALLIBRIUM in 2023! Let’s intend for the two weeks left of 2022 to make a splash in our inner world. In gratefulness and Love!