Are Healers "Psychics’? Are you?

by Dr. Yasmilde, 2018

When I was starting to interact with people as a Healer, I found myself in a networking event. I remember vividly when someone, after listening to my description of my sessions, asked me “but do you ‘see’ things and tell people ‘stuff’?". My first reaction was to feel embarrassed. The scientist in me hadn’t yet reconciled with the idea of being seen as anything other than the hard-facts, feet-on-the-ground, logically reasoning individual people expected of me. I’ve grown quite a bit after that! And somewhere along the way I started reporting to my clients whatever information I ‘had received’ about them in the most matter-of-fact tone that you could possibly imagine. Because you see, the whole ‘receiving’ thing is indeed very natural.


Nevertheless, it never occurred to me, that what was happening in my sessions would have anything to do with divination or consultation or ‘readings’, or any other name mediums /psychics/esoteric practitioners have used over the years. And then, all of a sudden, it hit me:

No matter who or how, if you connect to the universal energy field, you will definitely be ‘downloading’ information,

especially if you are connecting with the intention of listening beyond the ears and seeing beyond the eyes. Michael Beckwith calls it ‘reverential awareness’. Every energy worker I’ve ever trained with believes (and now I do as well) that all the knowledge of the universe is contained in the universal consciousness. You just have to connect to it and information will flow to you. Consciously or subconsciously, I think that card/palm readers, psychics, healers and meditators all do it.


And you do it as well! It has happened every time you have gotten a hunch, a gut feeling, a sense of urgency to do something nobody but you understands; every time you were thinking of someone and the person called you or showed up out of the blue; every time you’ve decided on a different route to take or way of doing things and it turns out to be the very best possible. Some call this intuition. But all those instances are examples of subconscious connection. What about doing it consciously? You also can do it. Am I sounding too trivial about it? Does it sound too easy to be true? It actually is. The only tricky step to it is letting go of your preconceptions and getting out of the way without judging whatever it is you might receive.


Right now, I smile as I remember a friend that came to me at first looking for guidance on how to develop her psychic abilities. I sat in front of her, looked into her eyes and told her: If you want to connect with your spirits, just do it! You need to get rid of the notion of needing to be better, to be better prepared, to have the ‘right room’ and the right time. The best time to do it is right now. So, close your eyes…


To answer my own question: Yes. Healers are ‘psychics’ and you are too.


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