Choosing to claim loving authority in what you discover about your life lessons and the nuances on your healing journey is key to life intentionally lived. The more you commit and are dedicated to a deeper level of healing and growth you begin to notice the days of fog and fuzzy lines lifting. You begin to slow down to catch greater moments of grace through gratitude and experience your life in-flow.

Humans are born resilient, we simply forgot because our teachers got caught up too. And yet, when you commit to more of you, you seek nothing more than to find those on your path to help your human navigate the hills and valleys of logic and to meet your spirit, so the whole of you can soar, rise and repeat.


Learning to play in the energy field means you need to adjust and integrate the pull and push. In time it becomes the dance with life that you want to continue experiencing time and again.  From this higher perspective, the you-you are now will be tested to make this new vantage point your stepping off place. In each moment your foot gives way, hold loving intention to know:

‘What is useful, now?’ 

‘What has purpose for me, now?’ and,

‘What matters for the long term?’


Energy is everything: you hear this and at times your human ‘knows’ this and still you slip and want to go back to the comfort zone. Managing your energy can feel arduous at times as you learn to loosen control and teach your human to let go and float in ecstasy

Everyone has the same purpose to learn! Your purpose is to curiously and courageously come to know that since energy is everything, and because ALL energy is in the field, your gift back to humanity is your energy legacy.

Our work at EQUALLIBRIUM is a mission we live by heart. We have come together at this time to help guide others [perhaps you], ready and willing to commit to moving through the vastness of personal healing and growth, so your human and spirit reunite and go back to being one. We will guide you and nurture you to remember that, as energy, you are one aspect of the whole, a whole that also needs to heal and grow. As you commit to being more responsible for your precious human's energy, our hope is that you come to know that you are not simply healing your day to day life, you are healing the field

We are humbly honoured to remember and embody who we are and leave behind our energy legacies. If you are seeking to become the change you deeply wish to see in the world, to uplift our children and our children's children and transform the past, present and future, EQUALLIBRIUM is here to guide you to activate your human and spirit to transform lifetimes through the healing power of love.