Article by Dr. Yasmilde 2017

My name is Yasmilde, and I believe I was born to help people learn how to be happy. I believe I was born to create and spread happiness. It took me decades to understand however that I had been doing just that, all at the expense of my own reserves of energy and self-realization. So many of us are guilty of that!

The loss of my mother to cancer; the frustrations of my scientific career in Cuba; the emigration away from ALL my family members; the struggles to adapt to a totally different culture/society; the emotional cost of graduate school and three divorces are some of the headlines of the path that eventually brought me down to my knees. I found myself clinically depressed, with hyperthyroidism, and constantly sick; blocked sinuses, chronic neck/shoulder/back pain, circulatory issues, and digestion problems became the norm of my everyday life.

One day I decided I wasn’t going to stay on that path anymore, that I was done with being sick and miserable. And like magic, the tools to make that happen started showing up in my life. The story of how the energy work found me (not the other way around) and how I developed into an energy healer with a solid meditation practice is beautiful! The story of how these practices have brought light, lightness, focus and purpose into every aspect of my life sounds magical and almost incredible even to myself. I will say here though that nowadays I feel as if I swallowed the Sun and I shine accordingly.

I created EQUALLIBRIUM as my way to pass on everything I have learned on my journey. EQUALLIBRIUM is all about helping you to achieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. If you are ready and willing, I will definitely help you to figure out your own path into health. My vision is to empower you, potentiate your awareness of yourself, and guide you until you shine so bright that you don’t recognize your old self any longer. Energy healing, coaching, mindfulness, and meditation are my ‘magic’ wands.





How to balance your life. Awaken the healer within. Feel better, live more. Take your health back. Healers healing healers. Self-empowerment is key. Unconditional self love. equallibrium dryasmilde donnathefairy thetenthenergysystem theelementals