I Have a Confession to make to all of you...


Donna here and I Have a Confession to Make. I Despised My Doctors and The Specialist and the Authority they had over my life....and this could have stopped my healing from happening. 


I didn’t actually share this part of my endometriosis and healing journey during the 4-Part Series we shared last week, and I want to be super honest with you.  


Ten - You heard right - Ten Doctors and the Specialist all told me that my solution was a hysterectomy at 42. I remember that day so vividly….something inside me, woke me up so loud, not a scream, but just loud enough for me to finally take my health and my life to a whole new level of seriousness. “Whole it said, Become Whole.’

That’s when I said NO - right then and there in the Specialist’s office, the ‘Authority Figure’ in the white coat that I thought was going to give me the hope that all the other doctors could not. 


What happened after that was I said no. No to any more doctors - they labelled me and they had no solution for me.  I decided I was going to figure out how to heal my endometriosis all on my own.

That’s when I headed back to dabbling…well, I actually was already highly curious about energy modalities and all the WOO-WOO that was out there…[and it was not even near all the info available like there is today].

I went deep - and I did it…I was healing myself.


WooWoo turned to Woo-Hoo!!!

I had me under control…I was managing my endometriosis. If you watched the series and our healing process, you heard me share the moment I relapsed…and that was after 4 years of managing it on my own, and happy with what I had accomplished.

I knew how to control, to brace and to hold back any emotions and pain in public or around my family … to do the ‘right’ thing by not making my problem anyone else’s. I knew about energy so I felt equipped to ‘deal’ with whatever was coming my way…even though it really didn’t feel what I thought 'whole' was meant to feel like. Or, what I thought being in-flow would feel like.

Yasmilde and I had already met through a mutual friend by this time. Yasmilde had started her private practice, and I became one of her ‘beta-testers’ as she was expanding her healing modalities and the information that was being channeled to her. 


One day, we were chatting and I was SOOOOO EXCITED. I asked her if she knew about Neuroscience. She smiled and simply said, yes why? I told her I came across this field of science and everything they were saying was ‘exactly’ what I was doing. I had been retraining my brain to get me out of the pain of my chronic illness. And, I was doing all my other energy dabbling…and I was winning!!!

That was the same moment she laughed and realized I didn’t know. YEP, I had no clue that she was a Neuroscientist AND worst of all, she had that title I so despised, ‘DOCTOR’. 

Cut to the relapse I shared with you on Day 2. Well, there you have it…I thought long and hard about whether I needed a DOCTOR or actually wanted one on my team. I despised them...I had lived a lotta years determined 'they' were the problem, 'ignorant' and 'unwilling' to find solutions for my incurable illness that was killing me from the inside out, they didn't care.

Something inside me decided to trust what might be possible. If I could actually listen to her beyond the title and the authority…and do my best to let the past behind!! Well, I did. Dr. Yasmilde helped me to see what my own biggest block was because like I said, I still never really felt in-flow…and it was totally evident with the relapse.


When she opened what was the first generation of THE ELEMENTALS OF HEALING & GROWTH PROGRAM…I was there. I went ALL-IN if you will, to discover what I didn’t know and what else might be possible because she had already been telling me so much about her guides, The ELEMENTALS and everything...she was always so excited and curious about what was her mission to share.

The rest is history. All this to say, not only did I learn from her… I have been blessed to be a shining example of what it means to do my personal work and to be the change I want to see...I always wanted to see in the world and to BECOME WHOLE. Now I bring some of my own gifts into the practice to help others on their healing and growing journey.

Why did I tell you all this? 


Because Dr. Yasmilde is pretty special when it comes to her Intuitive Healing Gift of The ELEMENTALS and the 10th Energy System. If you really want to heal.

If you really want to become Healthier and Happier, DO TAKE IT FROM ME. This 12-week program is the real deal.


There was an Elephant on My Journey too!! I didn’t know how the money was going to show up either.


All I knew is that my reproductive health, my career, my family, my finances and the entirety of my life WERE THAT IMPORTANT TO ME. It stretched me - and I am blessed beyond measure to know I am and continue to become a clearer channel of compassion, peace and love to Myself first, and in turn to all of you I meet.

Like we shared for those in the private zoom - you need to face your objections, face your fears. Make you the priority and the rest becomes a beautiful piece of history. 


Curious, how to get clear on what works specifically for you on your healing journey, book your personal 15-minute call to ask any questions you may have. We will help you make it happen if you are truly serious about your health.  

All this and more continues to unfold for me and my tribe. Watch here to see how we play with The ELEMENTALS for our spiritual connection. 


Sending you all my love as you decide how much you want to be Healthy, Happy and Connected to yourself, as the change you wish to see in the world. 

Donna 🥰






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