INSPIRATION AND INTELLECT - What Happens When You Choose You!

It is such a delight when our clients begin to see how quickly inner blocks and turmoil get unstuck when they show up for their own life with a new sense of curiosity, diligence and commitment. We teach a series of practices where the magic happens again and again.

To keep this momentum going, however, it is up to the individual to train their human to stay the course of their vision and continually move in its vibrational direction. We do not claim it is easy, and yet it is the most liberating feeling that occurs when you discover this innate power to forgive and love all your relationships, understanding where your insecurities come from. Layered with nuances, our insecurities arise in many forms and getting to know and communicate with our inner self is key.

Responsibility and obligation will cause the mind to stick with what it knows. This type of knowing however creates inner tension and holds us apart from our humanity and our gift of curiosity, free will and choice. To live is to grow, to expand and continually nurture your humanity through compassion and love with anticipated excitement for what we vision our life to feel like and be. The journey beyond your fears and subconscious programs, to change your mindsets and practice through intentionality, new habits and new stories allows you to live freely. It is impossible to love or feel at peace unless you accept life as it is. Non-acceptance closes the heart, which is the doorway to love and peace.

As humans however we 'think' knowledge is the learning and teachings and 'stuff' we feed our minds and acquire to be better, more successful, or to mature. And yet, the knowledge we invite, guide and coach our clients to discover to lead their lives is their innate knowledge

Through our approach to meditation and mindfulness, clients learn to listen in. From this space of inner quietude, strength and courage arise. Through dedication to your humanity, you learn to embrace true freedom and liberation.

If you are ready to balance your inner tension so your spirit can be heard by your human, and so your human discovers how to answer what it hears through aligned action, we invite you to discover our programs and courses. 

You are more than your physical human body. If you are ready to accept inspiration as your inner guidance system and put it into practice in your outer day to day world, we will be honoured to guide you to break through your old ways and discover what wants to be heard.