Kids These Days!!!

by Donna Henhoeffer

Whether you have young children, yours are all grown up, you chose not to or weren't able to beare children or perhaps they are still in your plans, the fact is children and kids are everywhere. They are running down the street, screaming in grocery stores, laughing at church, splashing you in your condo pool or tagging along to dinner parties you desperately hoped was adult night.

However children show up in our lives, the fact is we are all having our part in raising them, consciously or not. We choose if we are teaching them, ignoring them, shaming them, loving them, understanding or having compassion for the whole of them…especially during those wild nights when they scare us with their health or scream for hours keeping the entire house from get any rest!!!

There are 360 different ways we can view children these days [...billions perhaps], the thing we adults must remember is we were a kid once too!

I know, I know…are you kidding, 'I would never have been able to act like that.' 'I had respect.' 'I was taught manners.' 'I would have been grounded or whooped.' or  'Wait til your father, or mother get’s home!'

You might have lived another aspect of childhood, where 'I could do anything',  'I got anything I wanted' and 'I knew how to take advantage of the adults around me'. 

Whatever you experienced [I am sending hugs now]somewhere you are RISING UP to the fact that you know that you can change all those patterns and imprints, or maybe you are seeking ways, which is why you are reading this. As an adult, you can choose how you will approach situations. You have fostered different life skills. And yet, with all this adulting and learning, our children are experiencing the worst of times. They are depressed, anxious, sick and hiding for many many reasons.

Your invitation dear adult is to remember that everything in life is bringing you a message of some sort, an opportunity to become more self aware and heal something inside of you. 


Children are our greatest teachers. They are innocent and came with great wisdom…the way we did and the same way our parents, teachers, and other adults forgot about us or repeated patterns or were lost inside. As children we wanted a place to be understood. Understood that we were newbies on this big-ole Earth and learning from the examples around us. And to be share our views however different, with creative ideas and wisdom to impart. We were the ‘mouths of babes.’

You know this is True. The world is waking up to healing their human imprints. To clear their inner child wounds. To discover what little Johnny was feeling, what Susie wanted to share, and to feel the love and be held, heard and nurtured everyday in some way.

Well, you adult…yes you, the one reading this, little Johnny and Susie [your name here] still lives inside of you. And there is also a little Josie, Adolf and Carlos running around in your neighbourhood or in your own household. These kids need us to become more conscious parents, every single day, and to never stop. To love them and hear them, to see them as perfect as they are, learning and growing and experiencing the awe and wonder of life and the world around them.

It's time to Think, Act, Feel and Do as a Child. To stop adulting so much. To hear the messages that are being shared out of the mouths of babes, or the whispers inside of you, and to choose from that innocent, pure, happy place. 

So the next time you hear the words, for our children and our children’s children…remember this includes YOU!!


Sending you so much love, light and laughter as you experience the world as a kid....and yes, you still need to 'adult'.







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