Is MONEY an issue for YOU?

By Dr. Yasmilde.

It’s certainly been for me since I was born! A little while ago, one of my mentors asked me how I would describe my relationship with money. My first answer was: ‘What relationship?’. On second thought, I realized that that relationship had been uneasy and awkward at best. Because of that, creating financial abundance has been one of the two most difficult things to navigate in my journey of healing and growth (I’ll tell you about the second one in another post, LOL).


I bet that if you are still reading, some of this probably resonates with you. Chances are money has been the critical point for decision-making for you when it comes to yourself. Things to get (from food to a house), experiences to enjoy (from a festival to an exotic trip), and prioritizing expenses (my kid's orthodontist vs a better mattress to sleep in) can all lead you to emotional turmoil that includes uncertainty, frustration, and resignation that sent you, once more, to the bottom of ‘the list'.


I've been there! Although I have to admit that the worst of it disappeared the day I decided to make myself and my healing and growth the number one priority in my life. And STILL! Even if the things I put money into have drastically changed, I could still feel the squeezes of money constraints vividly. Not unconsciously though! Therefore, I have been intending for a while to discover whatever it was that I needed to do (inside of me) that I’d been missing. A Voila!


The first thing I noticed is that I hadn’t gotten pissed enough about it. Yep, you read it right. I realized that I had been pussyfooting around the issue, being gentle to the ‘lacking’ side of me out of ‘understanding’ (you know, the being Cuban, never learned about money or had it, my Latin cultural sense of lack, you name it). It wasn’t working! And after an episode of significant financial squeeze, something inside of me came out in an uproar: I AM DONE with financial struggle!!!! And like a lightbulb, I remembered the exact same feeling around the time I decide to be DONE with un-health and unhappiness. That changed my life!! So, that means I am on to an excellent start towards financial abundance. Are you DONE yourself?


The second thing was then to practice what I teach and find THE practice that would work FOR ME to create the second significant shift. The obvious one that came to me right away was to practice gratefulness. The wrinkle was that I do that constantly regarding everything: the clear goodness, the challenges big or small, and the universe at large. And still, little money. What was missing? Another lightbulb! It became clear that I needed to drop the “I don’t have…” dialog in my head and adopt right away the “I HAVE” one. And there it was, the long list of things I can count on (things, people, and resources), things I know how to do, skills and abilities, …, you name it! And like a banana pill on the floor, that brought me the biggest smile ever and, you guessed it, the deepest sense of gratefulness I had yet experienced. What is on YOUR LIST?


The third thing was then expected and anticipated by me! I already knew that the first 2 would open doors… It is uncanny the way the Universe is always waiting with arms full of what we need until the moment we become ready, willing, and open to receive them. A new mentor showed up: a spiritual entrepreneur on a mission to facilitate personal growth and vibrating at a high level of consciousness; AWESOME! My soul sisters’ tribe (in my people list!) close ranks around me and the task at hand, and guidance came through from every spirit guide on the mission: we all have things to do and ceremonies to perform; READY, SET, GO! Are you ready and willing to RECEIVE?


How then to integrate this new ‘mission’ at deeper and long-lasting levels? I knew that one! PROGRESSIVELY INTENDING. That means to me to go digging in: what beliefs I am willing to adopt moving forward? Am I saying yes to the most progressive vision of myself in this aspect of my life? Why is this important to me? And last, but not least, what are the little changes I can introduce into my life right now that would be in alignment with what I want to BECOME? All those answers are required to activate a very strong, inspiring, and motivating INTENTION. I have lost count of the magic this practice has brought to everyone I know that has it! So, how would you answer these questions for yourself?


I hear you. Sounds like heavy lifting! Do you know what makes it lighter? Finding the right group of people to do it with and someone you resonate with to guide you through. I also know that in my very personal case, I do it better and faster when I must integrate it so that I can guide others. So, would you like to join me? I created the “DONE with Scarcity” Workshop Series to make it happen. See you there!



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