The Spiritual Side of Who We Are

We noticed recently that we have never shared the spiritual side of who we are. We are changing that! And this past week we decided to give you a glimpse into the most EPIC experience we've had in our lives.



On February 19-23, we flew to Egypt to participate in the task of reactivating the EARTH planetary network under the guidance of Matias de Stephano. We joined 2,193 other people, from 68 countries in Cairo, and other 92,947 virtually from all over the world, to embody and channel the energy of the Elementals (Water, Air, Fire, Earth, and Ether).

Additionally, all nodes of the planetary network were activated from inside the Great Pyramid in three planes: emotional, spiritual, and physical; to restart the flow of energy through all ley lines of the EARTH and open portals of communication.

Every participant was embodying the essence of a geographical place on Earth (the nodes!). Each node was represented by 45 people in all three planes, bringing through the vibration of 45 basic concepts (Home, Force, Giver, Depth,...). And all from the King Chamber of the Great Pyramid! The intensity of resonance there is incredible...




We were transformed as well. There is a before and after for us in this journey. Such intense connection also awakened in us amazing feelings and commitment to ourselves and what we do. Not to mention a renovated connection to our planet! We feel extremely honored and privileged for having been a part of this (and still being!)



Our other way to connect with EARTH and ourselves.


A side of our spiritual practices is to commune with the Earth through ceremonies intended to awaken and reactivate in us everything we have to potential to become. 

Sometimes they happen in the privacy of our homes, but about twice a year we go out in nature and celebrate big time.

We are sharing memories of one of those with you here. In Aug 2020 and completely guided by the universe, we performed a ceremony under the energy of the Full Moon. It was also an amazing way to touch the soul connection between us and with the EARTH.





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