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How often do you take time to reflect and use your mind to review, look back, notice, honour and thank yourself for where you are, now? Our human mind often wants us to remember the pain because it is what we have felt the most and the longest. Our mind argues that It took a long time/effort/investment to get  'here from there'... and so, it doesn't want us to forget.

Might you consider a new style and feeling of reflection? Whether it is the act of riding 3-kms on your bike today instead of what was only 1-km yesterday; or choosing to make a lighter, more refreshing dinner that takes 10-minutes to prep and so you're able to spend 20-minutes savouring the flavours, enjoying the ambience and the connection and laughter that surrounded the dinner table. Maybe a big and bold AHA moment arose while out for a walk, where it felt as if 'that something' keeping you from moving forward, finally revealed itself. And as the breeze swept across your forehead, it seemed as if it cleansed it from your mind.
Life is a series of moments, designed for us to see the lessons and trust they exist for many reasons. The more we activate our inner drive and shine the light on how far we have come and how appreciative we are to seeing our life turning, the more our human rests and truly welcomes in more light. There will be days when we easily look up towards the light, chin up, head raised, shoulders back; and days where old hurts, a fear, a doubt or behaviour will need a bit more loving attention and understanding granted by us, to us, for us! And by intending to self-love, we can choose that no matter what, we are going to move forward each day, taking however big or small steps, taking notice of our action or inaction with kindness and curiosity, ready to replace what no longer serves who we want to be. With time, patience and practice, well - life just gets happy!!
This shift from reflection to rejuvenation begins to have us simply wanting more. We feel more free, youthful, playful and joyfully alive and we realize that life is meant to be a series of Yes-Yes-Yes!!! 
As your human fights you, step into your consciousness and stand in your soft strength, and remind your human that you are now equipped with a new way to live and celebrate life. Our humanity is the gift of free will and choice we need to embrace and understand; something many of us haven't been able to learn and teach because our teachers did not know either. 
At EQUALLIBRIUM we love nothing more than to celebrate your wins. They happen more and more quickly as you come to know the four pillars of your life as  Expression, Experimentation, Integration and transcendence. 

Sending you oodles of love for your week ahead! May it be filled with the Inspiration and Imagination that fills you with rest, peace and love just for being you. Ahhhhh.