Planning for a life you love, with Soul-Full Connection

Have you ever wondered how all those dreams you have are actually going to happen, to manifest to come true? What happens when you begin to live fully in a natural rhythm of rest, birth, rebirth and death with the experiences that present themselves in your life. Where you are soft and can hear your soul and your heart harmonizing.


Or are you still quite confused and finding it difficult to be happy and joyful even amidst the rocky terrain or the bubbling of emotions that seem to overwhelm you and all this causing you to place dreaming on the back-burner thinking this is all baloney and a farce?


Does any of this sound like what holds you back from connection:

  • I am so confused, disappointed and irritated by the way things are unfolding and the people in my life, I am going to stick to what I know works. 
  • Being authentic is hard when it seems no one hears me or has my back. I keep helping them except it seems a one-way street. 
  • I feel more trapped in my life than ever and I am not getting any younger. 
  • There has got to be more. I just really can’t put my finger on what it is.


First off you are not alone.

Second, we want you to remember that simultaneously healing your mind, your emotions and your energy field is the key transformation to create the life and relationships you want.


And number three, you are not meant to do it alone. We are designed to grow in an ecosystem, in a community where we can draw upon each other's strengths and where we show compassion, understanding, leniency, empathy, brotherly love for our own human journey and in doing so, that of another.


Every person wants to be happy. Happy in their life without regret, shame, guilt and where they connect with their authentic selves and be that authentic person every day. We will all come to those solutions for ourselves, in our own way and through our own heart connection. The way through is love and it’s not always easy when you are trying to figure it out with the logic of your mind.


Here’s the thing. When you decide to become so committed to you and wanting to change things, behaviours, mindsets, self-sabotage, whatever is holding you back, and you couple that will an intention and the intentionality to see you living this soul full, whole and connected self, that is where the magic truly lies. 

Your desires, priorities, values and your life are yours, and it is your alignment with your true nature that will bring you a life across all relationships that you wake up to with a YES, Heck Yes, I am wanting to be more aligned to me...and there is more for me to explore and become in creating the world I want, knowing you are never this lifetime well!!

It is always so wonderful being a part of our clients lives as they put our exercises, teachings and coaching accountability into practice. We guide them like a mother, showing great love, knowing they will get where they are meant to go on their time, with their own decision to live happily in what they are creating. [Fun Fact, they get two loving mothers!!]


Naturally, their connection to themselves deepens and they begin to see all the symptoms for what they are. They become so surprised to see how quickly their lives change. They want to be in their lives. People around them notice, and most of all, they notice what loving, feeling and living healing is all about. 


If you are ready and curious why our approaches are proven, how to step into your deep sense of self and have the support of two women who hold soft strength, encouraging you along your way as you move from emotionally confused to joyful, we know we have something very magical and transformative to offer you. And that dear friends, is what we do in helping you balance and harmonize with you and the world around you. We heal healers...yes, you. The power is in your hands, we show you the way. Oh, also know how we will love to play with you as you each step of the way, in joy, love and laughter.


So as you find your soul song, ask for more and come to a place where you are ready to stop asking, and rather acting, the do one of these two things so you can begin to explore how to live a life with real magic.

1) Head to our YouTube Videos to explore symptoms that perplexed our clients who came to us over the past few years. See what solutions we can help you with.

2) We offer a Complimentary Call to guide you in what might be possible. Schedule a call here.





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