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As individuals, we are meant to expand, grow and honour where they are on our own path. Each time we ask for things to be better, it is up to us to discover what 'better' means for us and walk towards it. To compare ourselves keeps us from our version of happiness 
Every challenge is an invitation to stand a little taller, walk another step forward into a stronger sense of self. All the while trusting yourself, stopping often to listen inward so as to wisely navigate your changes.
There is no roadmap for your life, just a series of steps to boldly go where you have never been before. 
The higher consciousness and energies at play are calling out to humanity to receive this deeper love and demonstrate this love to yourself from a place of courage.
If you shut down, did not hear before or pay attention to your higher wisdom in the past, know that now is a beautiful time to be open. There is no place like your inner home. Shhh...listenfind your soft strength and allow the answers you find to move you forward as your new sense of self takes a stronger root.

Ask for help along the way. There are so many around you to guide you when you are willing to receive their loving hand. It is up to you to do the work. Honour you to the very core of your being.

You are never alone unless you choose to believe that.