Do you Work, Work, Work? OR Rest and Play.

Uncategorized Jul 22, 2022

by Dr. Yasmilde

I remember the first time the concept of PLAYING as a way of living for adults came to me. I was reading one of my favourite books by Martha Beck (‘Finding Your Way in a Wild New World’). Later, the benefits of it were emphasized by all the scientific and anecdotal evidence in the GaiaTV series ‘Limitless’, hosted by Ben Stewart.


Before that, I could pretty much say that I was the picture of seriousness and responsibility since I can remember (not exaggerating, at 5yr old that was already my truth). And that translated into a scientific profession that demanded, at least, 12h a day and big chunks of the weekends. Even outside of my job that was also true. One of my jokes is that I got my first PhD before turning 10yrs old, and that was on household shores. So, I don’t know about you, but ‘work, work, work’ was definitely part of my reality.


The notion of playing was therefore quite daunting to me at first given the fact that even as a child, playing was never one of my priorities (I much preferred reading as soon as I could hold a book). Superficially, it could be interpreted as the need to introduce play to give our overanalytical brain a break. You know, changing activities so that we can diversify the way our mind works and bring new ‘air’ into our ideas. I’m sure you have experienced before trying to remember something to no avail no matter how much you focus on it; only to remember it as soon as you place your attention on something else. I could get on board with that!


Then, I discovered a second and deeper meaning for playing: getting in touch with my inner child! That is one of the most healing internal works we could do. And so, during that process I found myself doing things I deeply enjoy as a child (swinging!) or have never done at all, like climbing a tree and making snowmen and snow angels. The giddiness of the whole thing was so refreshing! The 'throwing' all expectations and pressures away and being fully in the moment with a huge smile on my face. I allowed myself to be ‘silly’ and light just for the sake of it and my whole being thanked me for it.


That was when a third and much deeper level of understanding surprised me. And all of a sudden the whole combination of Play and Rest started to make full sense. Because before that, that little voice in my head would always ask ‘And what about work?’. That new level is when we become capable of approaching work as if it is playing. AHA! When we are mixing creativity and critical thinking equally in an environment that promotes passion and lightness, that is PLAYING, no matter if the act is generating an income or not. And to create the perfect balance in our lives, we alternate that with RESTING, so that we can recharge and boost our vitality in other ways.


And that right there is the aim of every one of my days. The way I used to put it: “When what I do starts feeling like work, I know is time to stop and rest”. Do I always make it? Noooooooo. But the more I live in that intention, the easier it becomes.


And what about you? Would you like to feel that, no matter what it is, what you are doing is bringing joy and relaxation into your being? Would you like to discover what would it take to make that happen for yourself? Then, don’t hesitate to go right ahead and have a chat with me so we can explore the possibilities. The only investment needed is the time it will take for our call together. Schedule a time that is convenient for you at this LINK. Looking forward to it!






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