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Hear from Dr. Yasmilde directly what is it that you would be signing for.

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Dr. Yasmilde’s role is to empower you for self-healing. Her partner and colleague Donna will always join alongside the group to inspire fresh perspective and help with accountability, grounding, and laughter. Let's Grow Together! 

Once a member you will be part of a Private Community with constant access to Dr Yasmilde. 

Every month, between sessions, you will have the chance to share your experiences relative to the healing process and ask specific questions to her.

And most importantly! Either for the whole community or directly to Dr. Yasmilde, before each session, you would answer this question: What is it that I need more help with RIGHT NOW in my healing journey? 

Dr. Yasmilde would help you identify the answer if you need it!




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Listen to what some of Dr. Yasmilde’s clients have to say about the sessions.

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