2-Day Free Virtual Event

Wednesday, September 22 and Thursday, September 23

1:00PM - 5:00PM EST / 10:00AM - 2:00PM PDT


This is What it's About

The background theme for this event is "things we can do to enhance our empathy, self-awareness, physical/energetic health and relationships, to boost confidence and emotional resilience". Therefore, this is an opportunity as a Speaker to offer the audience one actionable tip based on your area of expertise with an emphasis on how it will/could impact their emotional state.

Our target audience is individuals 35-55 already seeking for solutions to what they perceive as their problems, and probably confused about what is happening to them, why, and how to solve it.

As speakers, we get to increase our visibility, authority, and connections, while we expand our subscriber's list by 500-1000 new leads. We as Hosts will take care of all the backend needed and provide you with everything you need to promote!

Additionally, by saying YES you would become part of the efforts to create and launch the "Children of the Future FOUNDATION"

YES!!! Count Me In To SPEAK

Speak, Serve, WIN

Teach your passion in a 20-minute during the event to help others with emotional release.

Build Your List by reaching our collective audiences. (Bonuses to you are listed below).

Proceeds to the CHILDREN OF THE FUTURE Foundation.

Target Audience

Serving individuals between the ages of 35-55 who are confused with where they are in life. They are tired of seeking answers and ready to commit to change their life.

Count Me In To Speak

3 Solo Mailers

You commit to promoting 3 times minimum during the promotion period. [Posts and Text Samples will be provided. Tweak according to your audience.

Promotion Period

You commit to promoting the event to your audiences during the 10-day promotion period of Sunday, September 12 to Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Bundle Offer

Donate a digital product that will be sold as part of a bundle to support our CHILDREN OF THE FUTURE Foundation. [More details below.]

Generate Leads

We will share the audience list based on performance. For example, if you generate between 100-200 leads, we will share double that amount with you.

Q&A Panel

Join for just your segment, or stay on for the event and participate in the Q&A Panel following each day to answer attendee questions.

Schedule Conflict

Interested to speak and have a scheduling conflict. Let's discuss a pre-recorded video option for you. We want you to share your message!

YES!! Count Me In To Speak

Your Hosts

Dr. Yasmilde + Donna H. are a juicy mix of Healer + Neuroscientist and Healer + Fairy who help individuals across the globe get unstuck across all relationships. Think of us as your logical and creative brains merging so you can live in flow and in joy of this beautiful human experience you are living. [More...]


In our years of practice, we have worked with enough children so that we have been called to take some guided action moving forward.

This FOUNDATION is how we intend to do that. An umbrella to create spaces, programs, projects; to attract parents, energy practitioners/experts, and other professionals; all united by the intention of giving our children the chance to shed anything and everything that could be currently blocking their bright inner light - and therefore their health and wellbeing.

Would you like to be a part of this endeavor?