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The services I perform are intended primarily for relaxation and reduction of stress. It is my belief that by balancing and activating your life force energy we empower your body to selfheal. None of the treatments I perform interfere with those of a licensed medical professional but rather complement them. I recommended that you also see a licensed physician, or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment or condition you may have. My suggestions will not be intended as a replacement for any form of professional therapy or professional medical advice.



"This is where we get to know each other. During this session, you will have the opportunity to tell me about every health concern you have and about what you expect out of our time together. I will explain if and how I think I can help you and, based on your status, you will receive a treatment session as well. Here is when we adopt your personalized strategy for healing your mind and your body."



"From illness/body aches to anxiety/depression, this treatment can help! This is an in-person session during which I will use my hands as conduits of energy. The treatment occurs in a relaxing environment while you are lying down. The session has three stages; one where I sweep your body to diagnose the state of your chakras, a second one when I channel energy into them to ground you and clear and activate your body chakras and other energy systems and a third one when we discussed what I perceived during the treatment."



"As useful and effective as the hands-on session! During this treatment, no matter how far you are from me, even in a different continent, I will connect with your energy and still be able to ground you and assess, clear and activate your body chakras and other energy systems. At the end of the session, you will receive a written report of the results and you will have the chance to ask questions about it."



"This is a session intended as a tutorial/crash course on meditation techniques. I will walk you through exercises to prepare your body and your mind for meditation and then we will explore several approaches to contemplation practices to find which best is suited for your current situation. We will also discuss tools that will help you stick to your practice."



"Based on the system developed by Donna Eden, here I will concentrate on a very specific issue (i.e. bad digestions or lack of focus) and teach you how to target it by performing simple but powerful exercises. These movement routines are design to unblock and activate body energy systems (i.e. meridians, radiant circuits) to enhance your life force energy and hence your health and vitality."



"If you are in a relationship that is going through a rough patch and communication is not flowing at all, it might be time for energy work. This session is designed to harmonize the energy between 2-3 people in order to enable empathy, compassion, forgiveness and communication. It needs to be preceded by either hands-on or long-distance treatment for each person involved. It is an in-person session where you will be seating comfortably in a relaxing environment. I will use a combination of mindfulness and energy healing to work on you and the relationship."



"This session is usually a follow up of a previous treatment, either an initial assessment or an energy treatment. Here you will learn to follow a guided meditation routine designed specifically for you based on the status of your health and energy systems. You will be able to practice with me during the session and afterwards on your own."

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My name is Yasmilde, and I believe I was born to help people learn how to be happy. I believe I was born to create and spread happiness. It took me decades to understand though that I had been doing just that to the expense of my own reserves of energy and self-realization. So many of us are guilty of that! The loss of my mother to cancer; the frustrations of my scientific career in Cuba; the e... READ MORE

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